yoga rocks on kutschkermarkt!


What a wonderful experience for me that was to start with a new weekly class on the 1180 district today. Hosted in the excellent center of Dr. Daniela Russ, Institute “Living” in Waeringestrasse 89, this wonderful studio space offered to our yoga group the best conditions for a rejuvenating morning class. Peaceful environment, full of light, positive spirit and clarity. Everybody felt welcome and “at home” there.

And as one of the participants told me at the end of the class : ”oh, so nice, will find myself again …”


After an hour of postures and mindful breathing exercises our bodies were ready to slide smoothly into the pace of such friendly Autumn day while our mind was peaceful and content. My, curious mind though, put aside all of the daily duties and brought me down the street, to explore this “so charming” Kutschkermarkt.



A local but rather small market where I used to regularly do my shopping when I was living in the area during my first steps in Vienna. Going back then it was not as fancy as it is now.



Today, a couple of  clever details added to the spirit of the market a Parisian flair. Without doubt this corner of the city has became a spot full of “spicy” surprises. Bio farmers are proudly selling their local products, colorful coffee houses are offering rest, retro- furniture shops, fish, meat and flower stands, exciting smells of the cheese delights are maybe small details but help everybody to escape,even for a while, from the hectic of city life.

The feeling of being in Paris inspired me so much that with a smile in my face I was wondering around contemplating and doing my shopping. How much I love Paris and how much I adore Vienna, I was whispering to myself.



As the weather was fine and I was feeling content after our wonderful yoga class, I decided to continue walking. All the way up towards the end of the market I discover the really cosy, stylish and multiculti coffee house, Frange. Tasty sweets and pies, lemon muffins, flavored espresso and teas was there to choose. With friendly people to run the business, good music and the owner Nico, actually a half greek, what a coincidence!, I decided to stay and try their tempting offers.


I really enjoyed my coffee and this delicious home-made lemon muffin like when I am having breakfast on the beach bar of  my favorite Greek island so far beyond the noisy city life. After my stop there I was ready to dive into my day.

THANK YOU Kutschkermarkt for such an inspiration!

I will return there every Tuesday after my morning class at 9.30 in the “Living” Institute. I am sure there is still a lot to discover and I cannot wait to explore it all with you.

Institute ” Living” , Hans-Sachs Gasse 29, Ecke Waehringerstrasse 89, 1180 Wien


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