this yoga feels different



Join us to explore the beauty of being centered – in total presence of your body and mind.

This yoga practice feels different! It uses the postures as a clear tool to help us transform daily tension into a positive,balanced and well-tempered intention.

With the wish to make life feel easier we will enjoy a yoga class and honor the wisdom of our body. Freedom while breathing is offering amazing effects while optimizing the level of daily strength and performance.

The secret lies in simplicity. Trust the wisdom, the intelligence of the body. The less we do the more we will feel! And Yes this yoga feels different!! It feels different because it is a thoughtful and well structured yoga practice. A technique with profound elements. A style where contemplation and active training are fused in one yoga class. We invite our body to be strong in a peaceful mind. We release from anything we don’t really need and honour the Now.

Welcome to visit my calendar and find more about the weekly classes during the fall/winter semester.

Classes are suitable for practitioners at all levels of yoga experience. Join us to explore and unfold into the power within you.


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