Yoga during pregnancy



I was very lucky to have as a support during the months of my pregnancy the excellent yoga practice of the technique Ruchpaul.


Of course I have been teaching this technique years before getting pregnant. Out of my personal experience and through all those years of teaching pregnant women in my classes i observed: that hatha-yoga is the best exercise to do. It is the best practice to include in the daily routine:


The moment when the body is transforming in such a beautiful way. Without a doubt in such a magical way.


The positive aspect of this technique is that you don’t need to separate the pregnant woman from a regular yoga class.


And this because: the depth and the richness of the vocabulary of postures that we are practicing allows


  1. a pregnant woman to enter easily a regular class
  2. She will then get her own menu her personal vocabulary of postures.
  3. While respecting her body that is changing week by week.


In every week there are different needs and in every week she will practice different postures in a dialogue with her body and with me supporting her.


SO there is always the trust that I am respecting where I am now within my body. That i am offering to my body what is nourishing. What is enriching, what will intelligently support the process where i am right now.


Practicing yoga during pregnancy will help me to sleep better especially during the last months. Will release pain from the lower back, from the hips. As the body is caring a lot of extra weight during the last months we need to transform discomfort to lightness.


But mainly the benefit of practicing yoga bien tempére during pregnancy is that you fill up your energy reserves. With an energy retard, that you will need in the weeks and months after giving birth.


In the months of a wonderful AND magical change.


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