when the leaves are falling



When the leaves are falling, their form has no weight…their color melts into the light, into the soft wind and the endless space around them.

When the leaves are falling, our body still sings in the rhythms of summer. In our cells, the memory of days full of sunshine, exotic smells and great encounters reveals a taste of enriching freedom. It is then, when our organism similarly to the leaves is asked to accept the transition; from the graceful action towards moments of rest. It is then to discover how wonderful it feels to be carried away!

When the leaves are falling, come back into your mat. Back into You. Honor your existence and your physical presence into its maximum.

Create the time for a regular and well-tempered yoga practice. Enjoy the fulfillment of reaching deeper into your needs, into your dreams.

And when the leaves are falling, dare a smile into yourself. Be good to you and to the others around you. Transform the lightness of summer into vital energy, into creative action, into love. And get ready to receive the next step: Having the time for reflection and silent contemplation.

In this semester, there is a variety of courses for you to choose. For further information welcome to visit the calendar section or send your email at: anastasiayoga@yahoo.de

*** The yoga practice during the autumn days will focus on preserving the body’s energy reserves, on strengthening the immune system and highlighting the importance of conscious breathing if we wish to live healthy and in full vitality.




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