United breaths of yogis

Anastasia Stoyannides | Hatha-yoga Bien Tempéré

My yoga school is set live -online for the period of the quarantine days.

I worked really fast to make this shift happen. I didnt allow depression and the schock to put me down. I was rewarded by so many united breaths of yogis: my group came so quickly together!

Now we can all again enjoy a precious and deep connection to our tribe. What a great yoga family. I am feeling so thankful about all!

Yes! Those united breaths of yogis! It feels so awesome to connect with mindful people from all over the world and share time to breath together and to peacefully embrace our body and our hearts with love and understanding.

It offers so much of inspiration to me and teaches me how to stay flexible. How to acknowledge the needs of the moment and to swim peacefully along the river of change.

This morning I felt the urge to write again. I sat on my bike and rolled down the Danube canal in direction of the park of Prater. The day was majestic, the sun was shining and the wind was warming up the cold unsecurity of the last weeks.

I needed so much to be close to nature, to be embraced by the trees and connect to their power.

The past few days have been very intense. Vienna has been extremely peaceful and now movement is taking slowly over.. in small steps though so I am observing the shift….

Being out there, among people, I can feel that for some of them nothing has really changed, no deep realisation or shift of any kind. Many of us prefer to stay in the comfort zone and stay there probably for forever. At least, is their body that reveals such attitude. It makes me freeze to feel when their soul freezes….

I have been actively following the social media lately. It was an informative but also tiring and disturbing at times. Surprinsingly, I was happy to find a number of creative people out there, who reflect deeply on the situation, discuss about it and offer a productive criticism.

It makes me feel good to connet to such spirits. It reinforces and engages a sense of community and dilutes the solitude behind the 4 walls. Now we can hold together. We breath together. United breaths of yogis, yes! I like this expression a lot.

Now i have time to observe my reactions and realise that I often have the tendancy to be pessimistic. Now I begin to focus more on togetherness and on much is still possible to be achieved. Once we are ready to drop out of our comfort zone.

Behind the insecurity that many of us feel, behind the fact that many will wish more answers to thousands of questions, I can sense a spirit of tranquility and a wind of transition.

We are asked to operate in another modus vivendi. Indeed to “slow down”. The tempo of our actions has suddenly changed. At once. We are now a lot at home. Socially distant but not alone. If we wish it, we are not alone.

I tend to search for similarities between the practice of hatha-yoga bien tempéré and the needs of the situation in which I find myslef now.

One of the principals that this yoga method taught me over the years, is that non violence can be achieved once I am harmoniously swinging between two aspects:

1) the respect of how far I am able to perform on everyday and 2) the ability to sense the impulse which will bring me further in my progress.

Integrating such a mind setting into my yoga practice, I learn to perform an asana like always “new”. Like it will be the very first time, every time.

I love to stay an innocent beginner and to perform the asanas with an innocent mind. This gives me the strength:

To adapt to any situation and to accept and embrace the unknown within this situation. Comparing the yogic asana with any situation, I begin to integrate my experiences off the mat.

Conscious breathing helps me to cultivate awareness behind the action. Mindful breathing reshapes my ambition. My mind is ready to explore beyong the comfort zone. I am entering in a lively learning process.

This yoga method acts like a portal . Now I know it.

It teaches me how to respect who I am in the present moment while giving me the tools in discovering the endless potential of whom i can become.

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