The Technique Ruchpaul

The Technique of Eva Ruchpaul

In the technique of hatha-yoga “bien tempéré”, developed by Eva Ruchpaul, we welcome the student to explore and to discover his/her body in a purely personal and confidential way.

Breathing and posture are interconnected in the hatha-yoga practice

The one follows and complements the other, and even if both seem to be physical gestures they still reveal information of a mental attitude. What is essential in the practice of yoga is the way we relate to our body and to the breath and not the superficial perfection of any posture.

A session in the technique Ruchpaul includes:

  • A ritual to begin practicing/tuning of our instrument!
  • Assistance on modifying the rhythm of the breath
  • Stimulation of the blood circulation
  • Surrender to an intense state of silence
  • Flexibility of the muscles and the articulations
  • Stabilisation of the internal effects of the postures

We learn how to articulate movement based on simplicity, elegance and self-respect. This teaches us to support a generous range of mobility while honouring our body’s intelligence.

At the end of each session, time will be offered to the practice of breathing exercises. These reanimate the student, detoxify the body and create the conditions for the profound effects of the postures to settle and be absorbed by our psychosomatic instrument.

The student finishes the class with a sense of overall vitality and a harmonious feeling of well being. Over time, the yoga practitioner develops a trust in his/her profound nature and will be able to effectively incorporate the benefits of the yoga practice in the demands of daily life.