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People of all ages and abilities, either with or without previous yoga experience are welcome to join a yoga class. As the session in the technique Ruchpaul is well adapted to fit the conditions of the moment and the actual progress of the practitioner, you will be free to enjoy how far your body can perform on each day.

What Are the Benefits of a Yoga Class?

“There exists no yoga practice without bhoga; bhoga is a definition of pure joy!”

Students of hatha-yoga enjoy many benefits:

  • Physical vitality and stamina
  • Re-balancing of the central nervous system
  • Re-balancing of the central nervous system
  • Emotional strength and mental silence
  • Autonomy in one′s life choices
  • A harmonious sense of well-being

As a teacher of the technique Ruchpaul, I respect the physical abilities of each student and personalize the practice within a class. I can always propose postures that people with limited physical condition or with an injury can practice safely.

In the session priority is given more to the quality of attention and to the student’s faithfulness to all perceptions that arise during the class, rather than to achieving advanced physical postures. The student is guided to engage his/her conscious presence while articulating movement in order to enjoy a safe, fluid and honest practice.