Regular Hatha Yoga Classes | 1070 Wien

  Time to take care of ourselves_ to polish the mind through consicous breathing _ to strengthen the body through clear and profound exercising _ the yoga bien tempéré, the method Ruchpaul, welcomes everybody to feel at home within his/her body _ to understand the connection between mind and body _ to breath better, with Read More

Winter Yoga Intensive

Intensive Yoga Week in Winter 27 – 30 January 2020 Practice takes place daily from 8.30 – 10.00 During an intensive I am focusing on a specific theme _ always inspired by the richness of the technique Ruchpaul hatha-yoga bien tempéré.. The chosen theme underlines the seminar process while encouraging an authentic, personal and creative Read More

Happy Hour Yoga at Kutschkermarkt, 1180 Wien

  Happy Hour Yoga at Kutschkermarkt, 1180 Vienna Wednesdays 18.00 – 19.15 pm Join us for a great yoga experience. Highlight the winter days with inner light, joy, and a feeling of contentment for body and mind. Learn how to breath better in order to release stress, physical pain off any kind and emotional unbalances. Read More

yoga in gallery

Yoga in gallery I love introducing my yoga teaching in exceptional art spaces. At the moment I am researching on a project how to connect breath as the Art of awareness in the practice of hatha yoga. About the seminar I am teaching the exceptional hatha – yoga method of Eva Ruchpaul. During a session Read More