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summer retreats | Lanzarote Island


Mindful yoga retreats to celebrate summer _ Share with me four wonderful destinations and enjoy four unique summer escapes _ Summer yoga retreats best tailored for wonderful people! Choose a retreat that touches your heart the most, join us and embrace the spirit of summer!


A. Fly with me _ Breath with me _

Lanzarote Easter Retreat 16 – 23 April 2019



summer retreats | Patmos Island


B. Fly with me _ Dream with me _

Early Summer Retreat 26 – 30 May 2019| Patmos Island, Greece


summer retreats | Grossarlertal, Salzburg


C. Travel with me _ Connect to nature with me _

Yoga, Hiking and Wellness Summer Retreat

20 – 23 June 2019 | Grossarlertal, Salzburgerland


Summer Retreats | Patmos Island , Greece


D. Fly with me _ Have fun with me _

Mediterranean Summer Retreat 10 – 14 July 2019| Patmos, Greece


Join me in those magical days of yoga bien tempéré blended with the spirit of healing nature, hiking, gorgeous waters to swim and play with, gourmet food, luxurious and friendly accommodation, star gazing and so much more that makes truly happy!

Venue Greece:



Welcome to contact me if you wish to receive the detailed programme of one of those summer retreats. Choose the one that touches your heart the most!


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7 thoughts on “Your Summer Retreats

  1. the freedom to be.
    (in) patmos.

    I am very happy to have discovered this wonderful yoga technique about 10 years ago, as to me this wonderful yoga technique is a mean to come home to myself.
    Fortunately Anastasia offers these retreats so I could indulge in yoga and holidays as I never lived in Vienna.

    Let me tell you about Patmos:
    When I first set foot on Patmos after a ferry ride from Kos, my daily life worries (“Alltag”) dropped away at once. I felt free and at ease.

    It only got better.
    Wonderful Greek food, iced coffee while playing backgammon in the beach café, the sun, the sea, seeing the sunset on the one side of the island and the moon rise on the other and the yoga – connecting – silence inside.
    Between the yoga courses: doing nothing, going to the beach, swimming, eating gyros and salad in a little place in Skala next to picturesque fisher boats.
    Letting life flow: Dancing the night away, hearing cowbells form the heard during yoga class, eating figs directly from the tree, fresh as they can be. Tasting the salty sea, sleeping on Psilliamos beach under the sky – being woken up by the moonlight and a cat playing vividly in the cool hours of the night with the sea grass on the beach.

    These are just a few very vivid ones of my memory treasures from my three times on Patmos all together.
    I confess I am partial to both Patmos and the Ruchpaul Yoga technique, but I admire what they and Anastasia can create together. All three times I went to Patmos were magical. It was always a very precious gift to myself and I am looking forward to returning again once my yoga training in Paris is “fini”.

    In the meantime – if you go, say hello from me.

  2. Die spezielle Yoga-Technik gemeinsam mit Anastasias Ausstrahlung und ihrer Feinfühligkeit für uns alle verleiht jeder Yoga-Einheit einen ganz besonderen Zauber – egal, ob hier in Wien oder in Patmos, das definitiv ein Paradies auf Erden ist. Nichts ist so erholsam und verjüngend wie eine Yoga-Woche auf dieser Insel. Und obwohl es nicht der Anspruch von Yoga ist, Krankheiten zu heilen, kann ich aus eigener Erfahrung sagen, dass diese Yoga-Technik in jedem Fall ganz wesentlich zur Genesung beiträgt, ganz gleich, unter welchen gesundheitlichen Problemen man leidet. Ich habe vieles versucht, auch Yoga an anderen Orten, aber nie war es annähernd so gut wie bei Anastasia.

    1. Thank you so much for the inspirational words. It is a pleasure to be able to teach you and share with you sincere moments.
      It is a clear choice to be happy in life. One needs to find his technique, and we found it!


    In the morning
    behind the breath
    a laughter
    coming from the
    stiffened part of my soul

    my cells discover
    the wide funds of joy
    and my diaphragma remembers
    the giggling of childhood

    the island and its lava
    show me how colorful
    my body is inside

    the rejuvenating effect can be seen
    on the photo of the last evening

    weeks later
    the inner warehouse
    still filled with grace

    Thank You A

    1. pure magic the time on the island and your words are describing it in the best possible way. thank you for beeing part of such inspiration.

  4. We just came back from Patmos September 2019 Yoga Retreat. Me, my husband and our 3years old son – we traveled together. For my son it was first time experience traveling ever.. plane, boat and mild Mediterranean sea.. and for me it was also the first time experience with Hatha yoga.
    At Greek Island Patmos I was welcomed by Anastasia. She carefully introduced our group to the basics of yoga practice, could let us trust the technique and trust each other. After a couple of sessions I felt connected. Before I was already introduced to a number of yoga techniques but this one felt different, had the power my body and mind liked to explore more. While my husband had me-time with our son I was enjoying my own moments during the yoga classes. Together we joined a couple of hiking trails to explore the island. For our family it was a perfect combination of rich family vacation and deep physical and spiritual transformation.

    1. Dear Marina,

      it was such a great pleasure having you all wiht us on board!
      I really appreciated your shiny presence as well as the readyness to dive deeper within your self and explore another dimension of hatha-yoga,
      i will be really happy to see you again and in the time in between keep on the good spirit and the shiny smile in your face!

      ps. on. youtube you can enjoy the videos with the basic serie of postures.

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