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Stop consuming Yoga. Start living it.


I am often asking myself why in the west today people are consuming yoga practices and yoga studios. Instead of truly following carefully structured methods and competent teachers.


Why did we loose interest on choosing a competent teacher with a deep knowledge for the body? How unusual it has become to stay by the side of one teacher and grow together within a profound practice.


Why the trend and the social media took over with superficial images and sell psedo information?

Image has became more important than the deep healing effects that this discipline offers.


I am often wondering : Do we have the same attitude when it relates to our health?

Are we trusting any doctor, or do we really search thoroughly and choose the best doctor to treat us?


Listen to your body


Listening to the body and to how we feel after a class is much more important than any promises in the field of yoga.

We are the best teacher to guide our body. We need to learn how to make clear choices. How to listen wihtin. To trust our instinct. Our intuitive body.


To stop consuming yoga. And to start living it.


To learn how to carefully choose the person who will be in front of us, as a teacher. The one who will guide us beyond what we already know. The teacher who is good for us, in the now.


Yoga is about discovery. About autonomy. About authenticity.


How authentic are we in front of this trend?


Don’t we aim to reach excellence in how we train and connect the body? or we only wish to be blindfully guided?

And for which price? For the sake of an ephemeral joy? Is that enough?

Not really.


Our body is unique.


Let us think twice before we decide who is going to be our teacher.


Time to search for knowledge and facilitators with years of experience in the somatic field. Teachers who went through competent research. Teachers who know how to support the diversity of each individual.


Images often lie.


What we see in the social media today moves beyond what we want to feel and need to experience.


With the practice of a competent yoga method, we can progressively achieve progress.


We can become the one who is practicing the posture. We will stop consuming yoga and start living the yoga.


We will move beyond conditionings and limitation of any kind.


Think twice whom you choose as your teacher.


The western world today has all means to connect to a deeper practice… in order to…


Unfold towards tranquility and joy.


At the end, this is not what we all are aiming for?

To feel good under our skin, within our mind, within our heart.


Let us stop consuming yoga. Let us begin to feel our yoga.


My advise: Think twice and choose carefully who is going to guide you towards the raise of your vibration. It is not about consuming undigested information. It is about cultivating awareness. In every aspect, in every action of our life.

In order to keep on shining not only for a few hours after a yoga class but for days and weeks after!


“ The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today”

( Buddhist Quote )


For further info on regular courses and the Teacher’s training program in Vienna welcome to contact me at anytime. Anastasia Stoyannides |

Yoga Studio in Vienna since 1992.



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