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The best hatha-yoga technique: The method of bien tempéré! 

I love my work as a teacher. I love Eva Ruchpaul. I respect her fascinating and extremely important contribution to the Western yoga culture. Her yoga technique is revolutionary in its interpretation. A profound translation of the traditional hatha-yoga principles.

In this yoga technique nothing is “faux”. No fake practices neither fake promises. No fancy yoga mats and pants and towels and props. But rather the person, pure and innocently beautiful as he is.

The yoga technique of Eva Ruchpaul deletes the ideology of transient pleasure and doesn’t sell to the practitioner fast food sensations.

This way of understanding yoga moves far beyond all yoga fashion; the fashion of “tomorrow”; let’s try this and that, lets do what the other does. And then ? how bored are we, from all that ephemeral joy? and where is the essence?
This way of sensing yoga honoures the potential of the person and empowers his purpose in life. As perplex as it sounds, in reality it is as simple as one conscious breath. For us to decide. For us to dare a deep dive into an honest practice. Into Our practice!!

 “L’exercise n’est pas difficile. Ce qui est difficile c’est de devenir celui qui le fait.” Compte Durkheim.


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7 thoughts on “yoga technique Ruchpaul * dream words from the terrace of my soul

  1. You wrote, “Her technique is revolutionary in its interpretation.” Yes, it is. It is a revolution of stillness and authenticity. I love it!

    1. So nicely said my dear, and so lucky and honoured to be practicing such an amazing technique

  2. My body, spirit and soul feel highly embraced by your words about honest yoga!
    Thanks for sharing them!

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