Smooth yoga practice in pregnancy



Smooth yoga practice to lighten up your pregnancy with Martina Nagl

Martina Nagl will be sharing with you in small, intimate groups a way to release and reshape your body and breathing capacity, during the weeks of your pregnancy. You are best advised to join a class once your 16th week is completed.

With the blissful practice of hatha yoga, bien tempere, the pregnant woman explores a save space to embrace the changes in her body during the magical months of the pregnancy.

The yoga session will cultivate the energy and strength needed, will promote a good night sleep, and make you feel emotionally stable and aligned with your growing belly!

Each class is designed to fit to the different needs, during each week of your pregnancy. It will be so structured to help you relieve any physical discomfort and to experience serenity and deep joy.

While refining the breath you not only connect to the natural power of pregnancy. You set the space for the great moments of labor!

So feel welcome to join Martina on Friday mornings from 9.30. – 10.45 for a smooth yoga practice _

Where: In my yoga studio: Praxis 1/2 Gasse, Halbgasse 25, 1070 Wien

Martina Nagl: Dipl. Hatha Yoga Teacher| Institute Eva Ruchpaul, Paris / France.

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