Silence * let the flame burn | winter solstice meditation in silence


Lanzarote fire ceremony


Silence , like a flame. Dive into the silence, yes! burn the noice

connect with the spirit of nature, the sounds of winter, the movements of the earth

Dive into the silence_ into the sweet taste of your breath

into the thoughts galloping like young horses

into the waves of your emotions

they reveal where you are right now, safely rooted in the present moment

they are glimpses of your life’s story

step out of the ordinary, out of the thousand words spoken a day

Cherish a dialogue with yourself

within that space there exists no fear

It is you and you are not alone

Stay connected with the warmth and the light of your life

Dive into that silence to feel your strength

It is YOU mastering your life and the breath that flows on your side.

“have you not noticed that love is silence? It might be while holding the hand of another, or looking lovingly at a child, or taking in the beauty of an evening. LOVE has no past or future and so it is with the extraordinary state of SILENCE.” Jiddhu Krisnamurti.

Merry Xmas and Season greetings to all of you!!!

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Thoughts after our meditative session

If we can seat and contemplate with so many people around us, in the same room, then we trust in silence. And if so, that’s already a step for old patterns to change. We take the step towards the change by offering us time to let go of the daily routine, seat and meditate.

And this is the beginning of a dynamic attitude towards our lives.

Change can begin from the smallest gesture, from the little things in life. Simplicity is the shelter of inner strength. Embrace the old and honor it in the same way like your new dream | start to let go.

Trust that the old / painful pattern will drift away the moment you embrace it. Love the part of you that you might not accept. Open the space for sparkling beginnings bY letting yourself flow in the waves of YOUR life ________

The power is in you.  Feel your strength and keep the eyes wide open.


May 2018 be a year of creative CHANGE | May LOVE flow in our hearts 

Anastasia * Winter Solstice Meditation | 20/12/2017 | Vienna.


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