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share with me insights
We breath together. We hold together.

Since two months we are experimenting with #zoom online classes. I was from the beginning on curious and asked everybody to share with me insights.

It is an excellent gift that we could use. It brought us together and enriched the community spirit. It helped us find the support, the clarity we needed, a #solidarity embrace . We are learning a lot. We breath together. We hold together.

I have started collecting words and sharing from my students around this process. I am really happy to share them with you. Share with me insights.

I am opening the heart to embrace each word, each vibration, the quality of sharing love, the gift to care for each other.

Softly embraced by simplicity encourages us to feel emotionally alive.


Thank you, Anastasia!!!
It was a wonderful class. It lifted me out of the stagnation I was feeling the last few days. Magic or ancient wisdom? Maybe both.
And it is truly amazing how even from an ocean away and in my own physical space, I join the class and I am transported to the Land of Ruchpaul Yoga.
Suzanne M. | New York

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