Releasing and Breathing

Anastasia Stoyannides | Hatha Yoga Wien, Austria

Releasing and Breathing” during a session of hatha yoga bien tempéré we create an effect of lightness, trust and well-being. Expanding awareness towards the hidden potential of our breath , we refine our attitude towards life and feel good within our body.

This yoga method is welcoming everybody to unfold on the mat and find some space of tranquility to rest and rejuvenate. It is a profound yoga practice, supporting a clear boost of the immune system and a free flow of breath. The less you do the more we feel.

It is pure yoga. Releasing while breathing is the main effect. Conscious and effortless breathing exercises will bring us into that point. To feel well rooted within ourselves, to release stress and fear, to connect to the potential of strength that we all have.

It is an unpretentious practice. It is not fancy. It is pure yoga.

It helps us to zoom within ourselves and to connect with what is essential only. Like peeling an orange, peeling the surface to cherish the sweetness of the fruit.

And now, during the next lockdown we will be able to practice virtually again.

This time during the month of November …

In the comfort of our home, we can practice together via Zoom safely and mindfully. We breath together. We hold together.

Join me at any time. Classes are exclusive with a limited number of participants.
So much looking forward to share joyful moments with you!

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