Quarantine Whispers

Quarantine whispers
anastasia stoyannides

Dear Friends,

Let me share with you my personal experience during the lock down. I named the article my Quarantine whispers.

It is not obvious that we can preserve the lightness of being while being in a lock down situation. But it is not impossible.

During the 7 weeks of #quarantine time in Vienna I discovered and applied new skills into my life and my days with family at home.

Now I feel is the moment to share those with you. In other words, I have set up 10 ” Quarantine Whispers “on how to welcome a productive, positive and authentic mindset while confronting an unusual situation.

Ready to re-connect to your inner strength ? Great! We stay connected and share the love !

#quarantine whisper I

How ready are you to dive into your element?

To Say YES! to the life that you truly deserve? Think about stand feel how the answer resonates within your body. How does the option feel to offer to yourself simply the best?

I feel and nourish my body through #mindfulness , kindness and deep acceptance. I receive the flow of my breath. It is simply and it is easy. Instead of conducting the sensations arising, I receive them. It is mindful practice. As an observer. As a beginner. As a curious child.

How does that feel? In the beginning maybe strange? But I trust and let go. I dive into the unusual and make it mine. I choose to give it a try.

#quarantine whisper II

When I feel stuck within a situation engaging acceptance will help.

Acceptance can be the key to feed the creative part within me. Creativity needs breaks. Improvisation needs often a space of nothingness where creativity can unfold.

For truthful results and heart full sharing dare to #improvise in your daily life. This belief can be engaged in many of our actions _ behind our intentions _ for a joyful life!

#quarantine whisper III

I found myself into an unusual situation ~ into a pandemic lock down ~ I was asked to operate beyond my comfort zone

~ on my way to deal with such challenging situation I allowed myself to be vulnerable ~ to embrace the existential fear and the pressure to operate beyond my personal values, beyond my borders

~ I wished to release the tremendous amount of energy that was filling in my private “ space “ ~ all this “ too much “ which was around me ~ quite overwhelming ~

for a moment I felt paralyzed ~ almost frozen ~ I needed to bring my reactions into balance ~
I thought of making an experiment~ I could leave one habit behind me a habit which I wanted to quit for a while now

~ I was experimenting on how it will resonate into my biorhythm and how I would be able to dive into the “just” tension again ~ into a space where I could productively operate without “ addiction beyond fear
~ I could heal the anxiety by realizing what is sucking my energy reserves ~ which habit is not fulfilling the demands of the actual situation but exhausts me instead

~ face it ~ accept it ~ set myself free
By taking a clear decision • I want to shift now. I can shift now. I can let go.

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