upper back * when polishing our winds the soul sings



During an intensive seminar in February, I have chosen to work with the importance and the symbolism of the “upper back” in the practice of postures. What does the back of our body represent to us?  The unknown, a sense of protection?  And how do we relate to the world around us through this part of the body?

In daily life we are facing the mirror, we are communicating with others, mainly through the front of the body. We radiate movement through the front of the ribcage and neglect the back, except in moments when it starts to hurt…

We often gather our shoulders together when we feel in danger, overloaded by responsibility, isolation or tiredness. How aware are we of such actions? And how ready are we to change such habits and consciously release tension from the upper back and shoulders?

Highlighting consciousness in the way our back initiates movement to enter and hold a yoga posture, can change tremendously the way we are experiencing that posture. It frees a new dimension of sensing the core of our action and feeling at ease with what we do.

It polishes our wings! The” shoulder blades” seen as wings that when released open and let us fly into a new dimension of sensing ourselves and the potential of our body. But also it polishes our attitude to what is new, fresh and ready to flourish. For us to receive it!


During the spring semester we will focus on strengthening the “upper back”, de-stressing our posture and cleanse the body in order to optimise our posture and increase the overall vitality of your organism. The wish is to refresh, restore and rejuvenate so to wonderfully shine!

…Eva Ruchpaul’s unique hatha-yoga method is rebalancing, invigorating, rejuvenating—and simply blissful, we love it!” Irina P., Wien.

Photo Credit: www.yannisakon.com

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