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I would like to share with you a personal moment that clearly reflects the way I perceive the practice of hatha-yoga.

” It was the last day of our holiday. We were four people, in a tiny little house ready to pack before leaving the island. Our dog was jumping around waiting for his walk, my hungry daughter was singing and dancing while waiting for her breakfast to be served, my girlfriend and I were stepping over open suitcases trying to fill them up, when at this moment of full action, my partner rolled out his blue yoga mat and began with his morning ritual; in full concentration he dived into the practice of Sun Salutation. “If I can do it here I can do it everywhere!”, he said with a smile in his face. What a clever reaction that was! How did he manage to step out of that chaos and align himself to himself? ”



If we want to live a life in full awareness, isn’t this what we aim for? To integrate mindfulness into the present moment? To create a space for tranquility even within a stressful situation? To reflect before creating troubles and conflicts?

Yoga requires discipline, clear intention and spontaneity. How often didn’t we skip the yoga practice because we were convinced that we don’t have the time or the space for it. How often didn’t we feel disappointed because we had ignored our deepest need to practice?

But “Happiness is a journey and not a destination”, as a Feng Shui proverb says.



Sun Salutation or SURYANAMASKAR is the practice of twelve classical postures (Âsanas), performed in a form of a dance and in a slow tempo. It belongs to the kryas which are cleansing practices and stimulate in a profound way the body’s vital energy while promoting an overall sense of tranquility and well-being.

In our culture, it is often seen as an ordinary warming-up exercise which can produce heat, euphoria and muscular stamina but when practiced under a self-manipulating attitude it will eventually “burn” the body’s energy reserves and create pseudo-relaxing sensations.

In the animal kingdom the idea of stretching the limbs after a time of immobility is common. In order to awake the senses, the body needs to yawn and is good so!

Rolling into gentle stretches, back and forth and with a defined breathing rhythm as the moving partner, the human body experiences in Suryanamaskar a journey from the reptile state to the up -right human position; priority is given to salute the God of the light and be nourished by its wisdom, warmth and intelligence.

Acknowledging this conscious “dance” as our personal ritual, we apply a moderate and non-automatic repetition and respect the psychosomatic reality of our organism on each moment.

Shifting the focus within, we begin the practice by asking the question: “My precious body what can I do to serve you today?”

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The reward: Landing softly into the corners of our cells and the core of our existence, we treasure a secret space where silence, harmony and motivation for personal growth lively vibrates!

” L’ art est manière de faire, le yoga est manière de se faire ” Masson-Oursel.



♥ Enjoy the practice –  preferably under the guidance of a certified teacher at first

♥ I highly recommend that you order online, Eva’s Ruchpaul book: “Précis de Hatha -Yoga”, Stade Classique.  You will love her detailed guidance, with theory and photos on the practice of Sun Salutation!  http://www.yoga-eva-ruchpaul.com

♥ Thank you Nikos for inspiring me to write this article




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  1. Thank you for that wonderful reminder. Yes, how often to we make a big deal of everything around us and forget ourselves?

  2. Such an inspirational narrative of a sequence that has been over used without the consciousness that it entails. Thank you Anastasia for the reminder that if we put our selves into the practice it becomes more than just a mechanical repetition that at best serves only as gymnastic!

    1. in so many interpretations of Sun Salute reflects the “fast food ” attitude of our western culture towards exercising the body. and yet so many practitioners feel proud of it…

  3. My dear, thank you so much for sharing this moment and your thoughts with us! It shows once more how great the Ruchpaul technique ist and how well one can integrate this in daily live. It makes it so much richer, and it wouldn’t be like this without you!

    1. Yes so true. Feeling so blessed to have found and be nourished by the roots of such wise discipline.

  4. Anastasia, this blog post came to be very true to its name. 🙂
    Wonderfully put, so much food for thought. – Thanks for sharing.

    I find it very interesting to observe that when I decide to practise and focus on “how” and doing, the little stressful moments are transformed and I can reenter the space of every day life feeling refreshed and lighter.

    1. oh yes! do you see how “fine” is the line between doing and letting be. and how centred we do feel once we allow our life to happen? without always controlling it. well done my dear!

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