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Let the light shine through

As many among my colleagues, I had to swift my yoga school into online offers during quarantine days due to the current global health situation.

At the beginning I was sceptical about it. I didn’t know how the process will sound and how profound my teachings would be. But I decided to give it a try!

I am so thankful to all platforms which support the process with online yoga classes. They invite people to connect to each other, embracing solitude, help small businesses to keep-on going, encourage people to stay active while being in a lockdown.

I have decided for the #zoom App and I have to say I am really happy about it. I have also decided to work with a small, exclusive group of people and focus on individual guidance. In this way, I could first learn more about the new medium and check on the positive and vulnerable side effects of such process.

Once more, I am so lucky to have a well established school and to know my students quite well after years and years of regular practice together. This is a big plus while teaching virtually. You know whom you have in front of you, you know his/her body, the way the person moves, his rhythm.

In this way, teaching expands in another dimension beyond space and time. The quality stays. The moment the relationship between teacher and student is already well- establshed and filed with trust yoga can be beautifully transmitted.

This is the magic of sharing hatha-yoga. The connection. And this is the main differnece between yoga practice and any other kind of physical entretainment or discipline.

Mutual trust is required so that the online yoga classes are not a physical work out only. The student – teacher energetical exhange is so important. It reveals the soul of the asanas. It moves beyond the superficial understanding of the practice.

I can of course, listen, practice , follow hundred of courses and meditation practices online and I am sure they will temporarily help and support my present needs. Especially in an exceptional time like a lockdown due to a pandemic.

But what is in reality as a teacher my aim?

Is it to support people in their learning process? to learn thoroughly a method, a yoga technique? to establish a profound understanding which will offer an overall positive side effect?

If yes, then I need the personal exchange first. I need to know the person in front of me. To establish an energetical space between us first.

In this way, the ” unspoken” and the “distance between us” can expand into a psychosomatic transformation. Consequently, a virtual yoga session could offer its excellent effects.

It is amazing how there are moments where it feels like we are all in the same room, that we breath together, that we are so close to eachother. Intention moves beyond the screen, beyound barriers of any kind. That’s so beautiful to feel the moment when…

… as a facilitator I move beyond promoting myself only and bow in front of my student.

I suggest that we work with small groups of people.

We need to be able to see everybody on the screen and relate to everyone while practicing. To take time and observe each person while practicing. To avoid practicing at the same time while using the screen.

No copying, no imitations. Authenticity instead.

As a teacher, I will take the time to adapt my offer. The position in front of a screen reveals differnet aspects in many postures. I see the person in the postures differently. I see his body from a different angle. I know better what I need to support. Another perspective.

Aditionally, I have the chance to break the personal routine of how I teach. To surrender more to the needs of my student. To receive precious feedback after each session.
I am learning how to appreciate each moment and my shared experience through this medium.

I feel open to honour the person in need. Everyone who decides to break from the passive attitude and react in front of a challenging situation.

This is so crucial .

To acknowledge the fact that many of us wish to stay actively engaged within the space of a lockdown. Aim to reflect, to connect. To feel eachother.

We breath together. We hold together.

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