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Anastasia Stoyannides
online and aligned
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Online and Aligned

My motto is ” Online and Aligned”

Hello everybody,

I hope that you are finding creative ways to set up your daily life at home.
I am happy to support this process and lighten up your day with a yoga session so I really tried to make this happen.

Yesterday I had with my students our first online live yoga session.
It went super well, even more than I expected. I am happy for that as it offers a promising perspective for the coming weeks.

It feels so truly important to me to take time now in order to connect to things that we love. To connect to things that are good for us.

It made me so happy to see everybody on the screen, to have an exchange, to enjoy our great yogic spirit.
It highlighted my day, I felt so different and so positive afterwards.

So from tomorrow 24rd March on, I decided to place my yoga school online. All classes are set online into livestreaming.
I have added many classes so there is a variety for you to choose.

Click here to check the schedule :

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