one with the snow




Flying high… to touch the heaven… back to the earth to be …

…. one with the snow… how wonderful to wonder at the pulse of nature….

to become one with silence… and content with the “nothingness” of the senses … isn’t that yoga?



… in every conscious step, I listen,

how my breath, like a feather, touches my lively mind… words are silent drops…



of crystal clear water that flows around me … in me… and yet my eyes open to the whispers of nature.

so thankful to be here* now * with you*

* dedicated to nature lovers


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2 thoughts on “one with the snow

  1. 🐬Το νερό που κυλά είναι καθάριο κρυστάλλινο σαν την αυγή που στέλνει φως απλόχερα σαν αγκαλιά ζεστή

    1. το νερο ενωνει, τροφοδοτει, μαγευει ψιιθυριζοντας μονο λογια αγαπης!

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