No violence No more

Vienna Austria November 2020
No violence no more
Vienna, Austria

No violence no more

One week has passed after the violent attack on innocent people in the center of Vienna. The night when this madness took place the vibrations in the city of Vienna were breathtaking. From a peaceful town within some minutes it transformed into a battle arena…

I was with my family at home, but i could sense it all. I could sense the violence, the panic, the fear. But i could also sense the power that this city has. The power to hold you when you need it. The power of togetherness.

We love this city, we appreciate the way it supports our daily life, we are proud to spend here our life with our kids. As we are also happy to get away for a while, as with its morbidity it can be too much in times..

But we are here , ready to protect and protest against such kind of violence. Such attitude needs to be eliminated by actions of love, compassion, empathy, and with an open heart.

I got inspired and wrote few words that I am happy to share with you

” We pray for a world where people can feel deeply safe. It’s on our hand to embrace life with all its diversity and support each other. Honestly. Keep your heart widely open “.

No violence, no more . I take the choice instead of feeling attacked, to react. To feel what is needed and offer my contribution to the world. For peace. For justice. For the upcoming generation.

Welcome to reflect on your contribution too. Step by step we can make the difference. Together we can make the difference.



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