my Quarantine whispers

Anastasia Stoyannides
my quarantine whispers
surrender into joy

Let me share with you a story. My personal experience during the #lockdown which I named my “Ten quarantine whispers”. In this post you will receive some of them. Stay connected ! There will be more to come!

It is not obvious that we can preserve the lightness of being while being in a lockdown. But it is not impossible.

During the 7 weeks of #quarantine time in #vienna I discovered and applied new skills into my life and my days with family at home.

Now I feel is the moment to share those with you. In other words, I have set up 10 “ Quarantine Whispers “on how to welcome a productive, positive and authentic mindset while confronting an unusual situation.

Ready to re-connect to your inner strength ? Great! We stay connected and share the love !

#quarantine whisper IV

I embrace myself everyday. I love all of me. I trust on the divine potential of personal growth. I unfold to nature and surrender to joy.

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