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Mindful walking leads to serenity. Mindful yoga practice leads to an overall state of equanimity and intelligent reaction in every day’s activities.


We can practice yoga with the aim to achieve flexibility, stamina, or an attractive body. But we could also practice mindful yoga as a vehicle to understand the depth of our existence. To combine the physical work with the discovery of our actual potential. The body of today. Our temple for each day.


In the practice of hatha-yoga bien tempéreé, we wish to experience how it feels to dive into the physical work with no tension. To achieve joy and strength by applying the “just tension”. Like balancing in the sea on a board. Every movement that is too much will bring us off the board. How does it feel the “too much”? Have we ever realized it?

Have we ever realized the physical rebound effect, of any action that is exagerated?


Learning to align the deeper layers of the body in a balanced state of the right tension, the performance of a yogic posture becomes an excellence of being. We manage to succeed postures that felt even impossible before. Because with a mindful practice, we make those postures ours. And that’s pure victory and it offers a tremedous joy.


For this semester we are welcome to join me in Vienna in two different locations. I will be offering morning, afternoon and evening classes for people with or without previous yoga experience. In this practice every body will feel at home right from the first breath!


Feel free to contact me for any further questions. And make sure to register in due time for the course of your preference.


Looking forward to swing with you, in the right tension, on the yoga mat!!


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