Meditate with me!



Meditate with me! Welcome to join the winter solstice meditation evening on the 19.December 2018 at 20.00 in my yoga studio in the Halbgasse 25. 1070 Wien.

Stop for a moment so to run productively afterwards!!!

Dive into the sweetness of silence. Recover from fatique, the restless mind, and insomnia.

Contemplating enhances profound strength and brings much more than that: deep joy!

Embracing the inner light to welcome the New Year to come and release of anything we dont really need to take with.

An evening of seating together in silence. Sensing the inner pulse of consious breathing.

Unfolding to what is natural, trusting and letting ourselves being carried by what is coming.

So excited to be sharing such a magical event with you all!


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1 thought on “Meditate with me!

  1. Thank you for the extraordinary meditation evening, a perfect companion to the days of darkness when we get so little time for our selves, our spirits.
    Also thank you to everyone there who shared the silence.

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