So many years



7, Halbgasse 25


Oh my god,

How many exceptionally beautiful moments …

and so many years,
With so many Wonderful people ___
sharing joy, tears of awareness, discoveries of gratitude, trust for life and love
And now comes the moment to say good bye
before 2018 turns into the end _ I have to leave my studio .
To say good bye
Leaving this place as a praxis
To close this chapter
Free to expand within an empty space
Accepting this empty space
As the place where growth will take place
Giving Birth to the new needs courage for me now | transitions were never my strong point…

so I start from
Listening with an innocent mind to create
Another concept _______ of how my work will continue to flourish
Thank you all for coming again and again and again in the past 25 years to my yoga classes
Thankful to you all for supporting me with your presence and for enriching my passion:
To teach such beautiful yoga _

The best yoga in the world




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2 thoughts on “So many years

  1. It’s hard to say good-bye to such a beautiful space, but it was the energy you brought to it that made it magical. This magic is in you and in this yoga. It will not get lost. It will find a new home.

    Thank you, too, for the many, many, many classes over two decades(!)…no two alike and each one a gem!

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