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24 – 28 September 2017

Just before the days turn cold and the light in the European countries becomes less and less why not retreating on the sublime island of Patmos for a 5-days of a yoga holiday to cherish the spirit of the sea and the light of the sun?

Join us to practice yoga daily and outdoors; to release your mind by having quality time just for you and to let your senses being nourished by the beauty of Patmian nature at this time of year. Offer to yourself a yoga holiday beyond the ordinary. A retreat to recharge, renew and rejuvenate. With the practice of a unique hatha-yoga technique. A well- tempered yoga practice that welcomes everybody to explore the power of the body. The conditions are just perfect!

The location is excellent. You will feel at home right away. Our days will be shifting between active practicing and time of contemplating, between walks in the secret paths of island and swimming in the divine waters of Patmos; between listening to the sounds of nature and melting into nothingness!

so that…

after those five days that felt like an eternity of relaxation, you can return back home deeply refreshed and motivated!!!


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