Lanzarote here we come!


smiling faces
smiling faces
what a great group


Lanzarote here we come!

For once more we will be having a great time together, sharing quality time together , laughter, mindfulness,  intelligent discussions, fun and so much more..

With our smiling faces, we come again to experience a magic yoga retreat, a unique holiday.

Being embrace by the beauty of your nature. Lanzarote we love you. You make us feel so good, so in tuned to our true nature, so grounded and so happy while being there..

Here we come to …

burn what’s old, burn the worries
Let playfulness run within our veins , let joy shine in our face _

Exploring such mystical nature, profiting from profound yoga practice and meditative walks while deeply connected to the elements_ Earth, wind, fire, water..

Mother Earth enriches this magical journey on each and every single moment  🙏


Join and share with us the upcoming #pure bliss yoga retreat on Lanzarote island | Canaries in February 19 – 26, 2019


Looking forward to guiding you through the different shades of Lanzarote.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any further details,




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