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The importance of an intensive seminar in the city _

Practicing yoga on a daily basis during an intensive seminar opens the space to redefine the subtlety of our understanding of the yoga pose.

The daily yoga routine creates the space where we move beyond the ordinary classical practice and have the chance to practice postures that might challenge a bit our limits but offer strength , flexibility and a profound sense of vitality at the end.

It mirrors our daily psychosomatic state and creates the conditions to reshape the way we sense our body and the way we operate in daily life. It is like our holiday in daily life. A refreshment, a tasty touch, an awakening of what is possible to grow in us now.

The intensity of the process refines our perception on the reflex effects of the yoga practice. As we can on day by day sense the way we feel, the way our body is changing, the way our breathing expands and becomes more conscious and we become more alert with it and with all the subtle changes.

Offer to yourself an intensive seminar in the city, in between your working schedule, it will help you to re align your focus, your working performance and make you feel like you have been for a week or two on an island for holiday and just came back home full of energy and motivation.

I will be very happy to share with you the exceptional yoga technique of bien – tempere and spice up your yoga practice!

Upcoming Intensives

  • 23 – 26 JULY 2018
  • 30 JULY – 2 AUGUST 2018

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