ImpulsTanz Festival , Vienna

Week I. 22 – 26 July 2019

Week II. 29 July – 2 August 2019

I am so happy to be part of such a wonderful festival.


Yoga by Stoyannides | ImpulsTanz Festival


Being part of the ImpulsTanz festival since 1994 , it feels like an extended family to me. A place where we meet every summer in Vienna and exchamge creativity, dreams, visions, ideas and love.

My classes during the ImpulsTanz festival are designed to fit to the needs of the dance curriculum. At the same time due to the diversity of the technique Ruchpaul I am able to integrate everyone in the class and to offer sessions for people who have no previous yoga expetience but are curious to explore the magic of our body!


This is what I would love to explore with you during the ImpulsTanz Festival weeks.

The body is our temple
During this course we will honor the practice of non – violence by promoting a well – tempered alignment between our intention and the actual physical state of our body.

Diving deeper into the core of the yogic postures, we can feel how breath balances action and reaction _ we are aligning strength and contemplation.
The vocabulary of postures chosen on each session welcomes everybody to feel at home within his abilities _ to accept an honest way of practicing far beyond competition or stress of any kind.

If you enjoy a restorative and mindful way of working with your body then you will love this hatha – yoga method. It is profound but minimal _ respects the autonomy of the student _ honors his tempo of learning and progressing _ and offers joy, tranquility and strength.

The reward after each class? A wonderful smile on our face and feelings of happiness in our heart!!!

This is how I regard the practice of Hatha-yoga after 30 years of teaching experience.

A sophisticated and precisely elaborated Yoga training system is very important to me as a teacher. This is why I am fascinated by the Yoga bien tempéré technique of Eva Ruchpaul – a pioneer of Yoga in Europe, who developed and codified this technique.

It invites to balance assumed oppositions such as the simplicity of the form and complexity of performing a posture.

In Yoga bien tempéré practising and instructing are always bridging art and capacity. I personally enjoy the variety and individuality, which are both welcome in this practice. This Workshop is open for everyone interested in a new dimension of Hatha Yoga practice.

Happy Faces | My beautiful Assistant _ Suzanne


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