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How often do I need to practice yoga?


This is one of the most frequent questions. How often do I need to practice yoga? Do I have to practice every day?


Behind these questions I can sense a kind of pressure. We are often conditioned to perform beyond what’s necessary. They taught us at school to be disciplined, to be productive by always doing more and more.


In the practice of hatha-yoga quantity doesn’t make the difference. It is the quality behind the performance that matters. The investment of consciousness behind the action.


When I do sports or any other kind of physical activity it is different.


In hatha-yoga bien tempéré we create a space of meditation for the body. We experience a training of exception.


The less I do the more I feel.


Let me explain myself on that principle.


The yogic posture (asana) is one, unique moment. It offers the space to stabilize body and mind. Repetition will delete the body’s potential to memorize. It will only consume the energy reserves of our organism.


In my respect, the less repetition I use the more I can profit from the reflex effects afterwards. As such, the posture remains a performance of excellence. A ritual to trust within.


The same principal applies to the weekly practice.


In this specific method we advise newcomers to visit a class, at least at the beginning, just once a week. The amount of training stays homeopathic. And why that?


With the wish to learn to trust the intelligence of our body _ The mind needs to repattern. To accept receiving the body. To acknowledge the profound needs of it and adjust respectfully.


If the yoga practice is a conscious training and the impulses we offer are clear the body will remember the information. It doesn’t need to repeat. The body knows already.


Progress arrives the moment we allow integration to happen _ Trusting that changes will happen beyond our control. We are offering the seeds by honoring the body’s potential towards change. With a regular practice.


I often observe how the postures progress after my students had a break. It is wonderful to sense the transformative effects once we allow the intuitive intelligence of the body to manifest.


Ambition here is shaped differently _ it applies to the effort of doing no effort.


We delete the imprints of self-manipulation, all kind of self- punishment, the gravity of duty. In the practice of hatha-yoga exists no duty, no violence.


I don’t need to create an extra “must do” into my list in order to practice yoga.


Step 1

I relax. Lay down on the yoga mat and enjoy.

At the beginning, I start my practice by attending a course once a week. For many of us this is already a major step out of the routine. A great form of discipline.


I decide to keep up with one method and stay with one teacher for a while in order to feel my progress.

I regard the sessions as my personal ritual. They are special. They are mine. I offer time to myself, to recharge, to renew, to fall in love with my body again.

If this is my intention, the results will be as colorful as a blooming valley at springtime!


Step 2

Once my mind has reached a productive attitude towards my body, I am ready to practice whenever I feel or I need to.

I realize that I might have periods when I need to practice every day. Or I might experience periods where my attention goes somewhere else and my practice on the mat is reduced. That’s fine too.


I learn how to go with the flow. How to adapt to what is important for me, for my well-being, NOW.

Allowing my yoga practice to grow organically I observe how the results settle smoothly.


Step 3

Attending regularly one method will help my body to profit from the reflex effects of hatha-yoga. I tune within one energy channel. I mature in my practice by becoming familiar to a vocabulary of postures. I create for myself the program that is beneficial to me.


I realise that my needs are different at each moment of my life.

Under the guidance of my teacher I will create sessions tailored made for me.


Now, I am ready to enjoy a safe, honest and conscious practice.Such confidence will enhance a change into my psychosomatic status.


Remember, it is not about the how much I do in order to achieve beauty in life. It is a lot about how I receive my life and what I do with it.


To conclude I am happy to offer these words to you_


“Hatha-yoga is not a fast food attitude. It refers to a progressive transformation of our physiological potential. Definitely not an asana show-off, as often thought today.”



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