July | September 2018 | Yoga Holiday by the Sea



Embrace the beauty of Patmos Island | Dodecanese | Greece

Join us for a fantastic holiday in Greece _ Two yoga retreats to go!

# 10 – 14 JULY 2018

# 23 – 27 SEPTEMBER 2018


” Rising towards the light requires a simple move _ with clear intention break the pattern, untied the knots of daily life and set your self free.”

Explore with me a magical yoga holiday in Greece on Patmos island.

Years ago I landed by chance on the magnificent island of Patmos. Since then I have been returning year after year nourishing my body with healing energy, my mind with creative ideas, my soul with bliss. Excited to share with you the exceptional beauty of this island _ excited to share with you the lightness of being _ excited to discover with you the richness of the profound yoga bien- tempéré _ yoga by the sea

During the week we will practice yoga right by the sea, take walks in the sublime nature of the island and be nourished by the divine greek light. Sessions of hatha-yoga bien- tempéré , wellness and silent meditation will highlight our yoga holiday and feed our heart with lightness and joy!

On Patmos, one doesn’t need much to be happy. A yoga mat, a good book, the sound of the sea and the willingness to unfold into the wisdom and sanctity of this amazing place.

Would you like to know more about the program and on how to register to the retreat? Would you like to be part of a divine retreat emerging into the bliss of yoga practice? Then:

Just click at: http://www.anastasiayoga.com//retreats/greece/

Can’t wait to be back to my sacred Patmos and super excited to share this early summer- dream holiday in Greece with you and other amazing people!!!

Venue: www.patmosaktis.gr



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