Fast Food or True Yoga?

hatha yoga | Anastasia Stoyannides

Fast food or true yoga? A modern “symptom”that needs reflection.

How do you search through the web for a yoga class?

Do you check the experience, training and knowledge of the teacher or do you go with the trend flow? Today this teacher while few months later another one. Practice gets quickly boring so I change teachers often…

Do you evaluate your participation into a yoga class only on how much it costs, or rather on the way it makes you feel afterwards? What is more important to you?

Did you ever consider to reflect on the side effects of all the fast food yoga products, classes and Apps that are in the online market nowdays? How much publicity and spam information is hidden behind it, so at the end it is not for free at all… it is sadly paid by promoting a “sick” market..

And this does not apply to the spirit of yoga. Yogic attitude inspires us to release from what we do not really need. Without promoting consuming actions and stress of any kind.

Yoga is a spiritual practice. Beyond trend and superficial packaging. It needs a true teacher to be transmitted, someone who can inspire you to move towards the best of you. No matter how much it costs. This is irrelevant. The process of self growth here matters most.

Pure healing has no price. The effects and the how we feel afterwards need to be embraced and considered. If you really want to practice yoga connect to your intuition and do it just for you. Not because fashion dictates it to you.

Fast food yoga is not pure yoga. Consuming yoga is not living yoga.

Mind the gap between real effect and virtual reality. Profit from the transformative quality of such ancient discipline.

A quality which transcends fashion of any kind.

Be kind to yourself now!

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