Conscious Breath _ Inhale it. Exhale it



Conscious Breath _ Inhale it . Exhale it . Refine Awareness _

I close my eyes and let the sun light erase all struggle of perfection within _ crossing the pathways of my breath I release from what stops me to grow _ I learn how to accept the best of me _ listening to the whispers of silence I unfold into the practice of nothingness _ I become one with nothingness _ I trust nothingness _ and is there that I find love!

” Where there is love, there is life.” Mahatma Gandhi.

Unfolding into a respectful and loving practice is not that easy. We are conditioned to function by giving pressure to our lives and as a consequence to our body. We are taught that only with struggle, with a personal war, we can achieve our goals and dreams. We have learned to push our body into its limits while ignoring the profound needs of the moment. We are constantly imposing external goals and force the body to achieve those, without practicing love and compassion _  and then without realising it, we step out of  unconditional love_ we step out of life _

Such behaviours reflect primarily on the breath and as a consequence on our physical body. The moment we inhibit the natural flow of the breath, the rupture between mind and body takes place. In this moment, while flushed with unconscious resistances , we are not in ourselves anymore. We disconnect from our essential – actual needs, we look there where we would like to be instead of  trustfully, being rooted in our here | now_

How to listen without any forced intention, is the main tool in the practice of hatha yoga bien – tempéré _  how to listen to the subtle layers of our existence and create an inner language beyond all boundaries of space, time or form _

How to listen to the unknown, to what can not yet be understood and rationally explained is a gift! Intimately connected to the cellular breath _  we choose to re-define the importance of conscious breathing in the yoga practice _  we start cultivating innocent perceptions of what means to deeply listen, of how it feels to partner the breath _  we decide to stop imposing attitudes that will stress our body_

This journey of re-discovering the conscious breathing is a never ending process. It nourishes self-love, self-respect and the path to a mindful yoga practice _ to a mindful living _

It worth exploring it _ Excited to share it with YOU!


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