Carry me to the sea | Take me to Patmos Island!



Let’s retreat_ step out of the norm _ out of the routine and the speed of daily life_

Let’s catch our yoga mat and move to the south _ to the Aegean Sea  _ to Patmos island_

Here life is as simple as we wish it to be_ fly with your yoga mat to the sea!!! Whisper: ” Carry me to the sea”

Rejuvenating moments , serenity, silence, simplicity in every action , in every step _ in every breath

How wonderful life can be once we decide to consciously honour those moments of doing nothing and yet feeling peaceful and satisfied _

Our eyes widely open, our skin ready to receive the soft southern wind _ our hands are embracing softly the sand, the sea, the

white shells on the beach_  will refresh the mind , exploring what’s new _

Breathing at ease, gazing at the stars in bright sky _ how much more lucky one can be!!!

Whisper to yourself: ” Carry me to the sea”  _

Take yourself on a divine yoga retreat on Patmos island in Greece!


Pure Vision _ Be in the Now _  Rejuvenating Yoga Retreat 

23 – 27 September 2018

The Seminar

There will be two classes offered a day, for about 1 ½ hours each. With energising morning sessions, we will connect to the day spirit. In the early evenings, we will be enjoying the tranquility of a more contemplative practice.

Our yoga classes will be held outdoors on the terrace of located at Grikos Bay. In this earthly paradise, meditative walks will highlight our experience and enrich the process of rejuvenation and well-being. Without doubt, a retreat in such a nurturing environment is a unique gift, an offering to ourselves!

Between our yoga classes there will be plenty of time to rest, swim and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Patmos island. Upon request, we can organise excursions to Patmos monasteries and churches as well as revitalising wellness treatments.

During those summer retreats we will be focusing on the essential aspects of the technique Ruchpaul. The seminars are open to students of all levels of experience.
All that you need is the willingness to surprise yourself and unfold into the beauty of a well-tempered practice!

Share this unique experience with us! Offer to yourself a divine present!




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