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I was often asked from my students to describe why in the technique Ruchpaul we make use of the breath in such an exceptional way?

Why do we have to pause the breath in some postures while in others we remain in free breathing? What is the purpose for that?


In this yoga method breathing and postures are inter-woven and lead to a similar quality. To stabilize the overall tension of the body and to enhance mental stability.


Eva Ruchpaul, the creator of hatha- yoga bien tempéré {YBT} considers the postures as a medium to breath better. She often mentions:


« Je ne sais pas faire respirer sans postures. Je les considère « comme l’endroit et l’envers d’une même étoffe »

” I wouldn’t know a better way to make you breath than the postures. I consider them (breath and posture) as the face and the reverse of the same fabric”


After years of observation and profound study she intelligently integrated prânâyâma* into the practice of postures. {prânâyâma: mastery of the vital breath}


Isn’t breath a universal vibration? Isn’t breath respiration?

“Breath is consciousness. Consciousness is breath. Both co – exist in the body and depart together at the same moment” Kauśitakī Upanisad III.4.7


In many cultures it has given different names: Prâna in India _ Qi in China _ Pneuma in Greece.


In the practice of YBT* mindful breathing and âsana are intimately connected.


Each posture is a unique experience of introspection and has its specific breathing. Breath, supports the structural alignment of the posture. Effortless posture, releases resistances within the breath and frees the flow.

Attention upon the breath aligns us with the present moment. Breathing is happening now.

The practice of yoga highlights awareness into this endless, co-existing movement of giving and receiving. Thus, conscious breathing is reshaping our physical performance.

During a session of YBT we create an equilibrium between active and contemplative postures. Between postures practiced in free breathing and in suspension of breath.


Breathing suspension is introduced in order to


  • Help us keep the posture only for the time that is beneficial to the body
  • Perceive sensory information
  • Facilitate the architecture of the posture. Whether the torso will be in an extension or flexion breathing suspension differs.
  • Start the posture once we are really ready.
  • Comfortably stabilize the asana {effort of having no effort}
  • Pause before pain or discomfort
  • Unfold to the sweetness of spontaneous silence. To the moment beyond thoughts.
  • Tonify the diaphragm due to chest extensions / compressions
  • Boost the reflex effects of each posture


Reflex Effects – Global Psychosomatic Re-education


  • Stimulation of the neuro vegetative system | Tranquilization of tension
  • Stimulation of the internal organs
  • Revitalization of the respiratory function | Re- education of the diaphragm
  • Improved oxygenation < release of Co2 < reflex bulbaire < regular breathing
  • Stimulation of reflex effects


  • Intensity of consciousness
  • Mental stability | Influence on the quality of mental imagery
  • Focalized attention | Spontaneous concentration
  • Access to inner silence | Serenity
  • Acceptance of personal limits
  • Making the effort of having no effort


Whether we pause the breath after an inhalation or after an exhalation depends on the architecture of the âsana.  How is the torso positioned? is it in extension or in flexion?


Pausing the breath protects the intervertebral discs and strengthens the muscles attached closely to the bones. Internal organs and visceral are massaged due to compression within the form of the posture. The diaphragm responds with a rebound reflex effect. After the pause, respiration has more amplitude and less muscular forcing.


In pausing the breath there exists no tension, nor ambition. There exists a space of deep connection to the inner pulse of life.


It feels similar to the movement of a bird in the sky. It sustains the flow before flying free again.


Apnée* deletes the ordinary gesture

Suspension of breath promotes a state of intensity, an attitude free of all competition. It becomes a training of intelligence where automatic or self-manipulative gestures are deleted.


Furthermore, it acts like the bridge between “what I am supposed to do and what I am able to do now”.


 Why in some postures are we breathing freely?

Acknowledging the physiology of each âsana keeps our yoga practice safe. How is the head or the torso placed in relation to gravity? How do we organically make use of the breath in order to stimulate the profound healing effects of each âsana?


The architecture of the body defines the breathing pattern.

When a posture is performed under mindful, regular breathing ideally it will last only as long as attention is rooted within our action.


Regular breathing supports re-adjustment within the posture. The psychosomatic state of the ãsana is defined. Concentration is aligned into one point {Ekagrata} and physiological transformation is promoted without exhausting the body.


What will be essential during this process, is to focus on the rhythm and on the quantity of the air inhaled. We aim to learn how to release resistances, soothen hidden tensions and receive sensory information.


The body meditates.

When the body meditates we cherish a state of qualitative silence. Between two breaths unfolds a suspension that feels like transparency. {Sattva: purity, natural state}. We embody peacefulness.


Conscious breathing is the bridge between the intellectual and the emotional world.

It intrigues our joy for life

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. It is the vehicle towards vitality, emotional maturity and intelligent action.

For the Hindus, between the rhythm of the breath and the mental imagery unfolds an intimate connection. By regulating breathing we achieve a state of mental stability.


Connecting with honesty to the flow of our breath, we realize that all is manageable as all is a transition. Upon breath lays our choice to lead an autonomous life.


“With the practice of hatha – yoga we give access to an exceptional state of awareness. We unfold towards a territory of knowledge where life is perceived in its original version.”   Eva Ruchpaul




*Yoga bien tempéré: YBT

*Apnée : Breathing Suspension

*Âsana: Yoga Posture


* For Pantajali {author of the yoga sutras}, prânâyâma is the pause of all breathing movement. It is applied once the yogic posture has been performed. It modifies the emotional state of the practitioner. It is the transition towards the subtlety of our existence. It expresses how respiratory gesture transforms into consciousness.




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“ L’art est manière de faire, le yoga est manière de se faire » Masson-Oursel



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