Blow over resistance



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Blow over resistance


Every posture represents an emotional state. It is the inner picture of our body.

We create an intimate realtion with our body when we are in a yoga pose.

We intrigue information hidden within the cells of each muscle, of each join, behind each thought and emotion.

Therefore, the moment we confront with a painful memory, the posture becomes the reminder.

If we resist to realize, the posture becomes demanding _ a reflection of the unwanted that needs to be released. And there we should begin…

Can we blow over resistance?

Of course, we can.


By accepting


We dare to practice postures that we don’t like. We consider them as blessings.

We learn how to break the barrier of comfort in order to cleanse blockages

and memories from the past.

Emotional resistance can be dissolved by focusing on our attitude while practicing. What do I except? How do I relate to my body?

In order to polish an unpleasant memory we need to offer a positive impulse. To find joy. Trusting that we have the right to feel good within our bodies _ that we deserve it to shine within ourselves.


Cultivating proper intention


“Intention behind an action is more important than the action itself„


The moment you have made the choice to follow a mindful yoga practice

you have decided for a change on how you perceive your physicality.

Take your intuition seriously and go for it.

Blow over resistance by allowing and enjoying moments of precious discovery. 


Attitudes that help the mind to find “space” within the body 


  • Measuring the volume of physical effort. There are nuances too.


  • Adjusting the focus while installing a posture. By being conscious on how you begin.


  • Tuning to the rhythm of the breath. Well-placed breathing is lighting up sensations.


  • Inviting the mind of a beginner. Staying innocent. There is always something new to discover.


  • Observing how you feel after the posture. Acknowleding the emotional state after performing a demanding posture.


Physical Limitations


In some cases resistances can relate to physical limitations, to pain or illness.

We should search for a thoughtful yoga method and for the guidance of a competent yoga teacher. They will suport us so to respectfully blow over resistance and transform the picture of the limited space within. Expanding smoothly to what is possible now.


The practice of yoga bien tempéré offers depth in the practice in the sense of multiple variations.

The technique is adapted to the person and not the person to the technique.


This concept is often neglected in physical practices. The ambition hidden behind those techniques is obvious. It forces the person to perform beyond the comfort zone. The result? Instead of experiencing tranquility and a well tempered physical state, the practitionner consumes his/hers energy reserves…


But that’s not the essential spirit of hatha-yoga.



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2 thoughts on “Blow over resistance

  1. Beautiful Postures in the Ruchpaul Technique

    I have seen a lot of beautiful postures – from Anastasia, from teachers in Paris, from my colleagues and now from my students, who are just starting. Reading this entry about accepting the resistances I realised that what made the posture beautiful was not the outer form but the inner intention.
    Each of the postures I found beautiful seemed to be entered into with ease, with accepting the limitations of the body/mind and with going there to stay.

    1. Beautifully expressed dear Hanna! Yes clear intention is one of the key words to dive within, with simplicity and joy! Keep on the good work!

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