asanas within breath

The ones who have attended a session or seminar with me before know how it feels the practice of Yoga bien tempére. They will remember the feeling that remains after the session. The fluidity within the breath, the vitality within the body, the clarity of the mind and emotions after this wonderful traditional asana practice.


Patmos Island Greece

As in the technique Ruchpaul the focus is moving beyond the asana to reach the breath. The asana diffuses within the breath and becomes the element to explore. The form dissolves, the body takes the lead. Simplicity masters.


Often overloaded with our daily activities, let us reduce the high speed, let us stretch on the yoga mat while enjoying a practice that makes sense and offers no fake promises and trends but rather long lasting effects _


It takes few postures and then we are on a wonderful space of tranquility, easiness and profound rest. We honor the asanas within the breath _ within the conscious breath. We learn how to breath better.

Welcome to join me again to and to refresh that sensation together.

Retreating means to be good to me _ Choose your personal retreat either in Vienna, Austria or in Greece on a magical island and share with me the beauty of learning what can make feel truly content, young and happy.


If you want to visit me in Austria


Retreat June 20-23, Grossarl Valley, Salzburg

Walk with me to the woods, meadows and secret paths. Breath better afterwards.


Summer Intensives in Vienna


Week I 23 – 26 July 2019 | 9.30 – 11.00

Week II  29 July – 01 August 2019 | 19.00 – 20.30


Diving into practice with a smooth and effective way. 4 days of retreating in summer and visit wonderful Vienna in the best time of year. A must to experience.


If you want to visit me in my home country


Retreat May 26-30, Patmos island Greece

Savor the first taste of summer. Ideal temperature, amazing setting, the perfect island to be.


Retreat July 10- 14, Patmos island Greece

Summer jump into the Aegean blue sea.


Indian summer Retreat September 22 – 26 September 2019

So happy in the perspective that I will see you again.


Patmos Retreat May 2018
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