Aligned and yourself

Aligned and yourself
Anastasia Stoyannides Hatha yoga 1070 Wien

Aligned and yourself!

Balancing requires some grams of spontaneity and if you fall it s ok too!!!

I don’t need to have the perfect body to start practicing yoga. I don’t need to be super flexible to begin with the practice. I just need to be ready to discover secret parts of me. I just need to be ready to unfold, to unwind, to experiment with anything that could be new to me.

Spontaneity offers the key to discoveries. Opens the door to pathways that could keep my spirit young. Youthful spirit resonates beyond biological age. Feeling young requires some grams of spontaneity too…

Welcome to join one of my hatha yoga classes. The technique of yoga bien tempéré will inspire you to unfold towards the true YOU. To feel:

Aligned and yourself!

Contact me per email for further details and information on #onlineyoga and #studio classes offered. I am so much looking forward to sharing a new perspective of practicing yoga in Vienna with you!

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